What Is Kitchen King Masala And How It Is Used


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Kitchen King Masala is an essential spice mix for North Indian cooking. This spice mix is similar to Garam Masala because of having common spices in the mix, yet it is used differently. Kitchen king masala is a curry powder which is added during the cooking process (the exact method in the article below), while traditional Garam Masala is sprinkled on the curry after it has been cooked.

Another major difference between authentic garam masala and kitchen king masala is that garam masala is not supposed to contain turmeric powder.

Generally, both are not used together. If you have used kitchen king masala during cooking, then there is no need to add garam masala after the curry is cooked.

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What Is Kitchen King Masala

Kitchen king masala is a spice mix that can have over 20 spices. The most popular kitchen king masala brand in India uses 22 spices and fillers. It is a very clever invention because you do not need anything else once you use kitchen king masala.

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List of Ingredients In Kitchen King Masala

  1. Green Coriander Seeds
  2. Cumin
  3. Red Chili
  4. Turmeric Powder
  5. Black Pepper
  6. Garlic Powder
  7. Dry Ginger
  8. Mace
  9. Green Cardamom
  10. Nutmeg
  11. Fenugreek
  12. Cassia
  13. Clove
  14. Caraway
  15. Star Anise
  16. Dry Fenugreek Leaf
  17. Asafoetida
  18. Mustard Seeds
  19. Black Cardamom
  20. Salt
  21. Bengal Gram
  22. Black Gram

It sure looks like they just added every spice they could find. But all this does a fantastic job of adding an amazing aroma and punch to the curry.

How To Use Kitchen King Masala

North Indian curries require a masala that uses chopped onions, ginger, and garlic as a base. When these base ingredients are being sautéed in oil, the flame is reduced or switched off, and then red chili powder and kitchen king masala are added. This masala mix releases a very appetizing aroma almost instantly.

However, the masala will burn if the heat is high, and, therefore, reducing or turning off the flame before adding the masala is recommended. Additionally, after a minute of adding the masala, a little water can be sprinkled in the pan to stop the masala from burning.

How Much Kitchen King Masala To Use

One teaspoon of kitchen king masala is usually sufficient for a curry being made for 4-5 people.

Should You Make It Yourself?

No. There is no point. Just buy it from a shop or online. If you live in India, you can buy this spice mix in any grocery shop. If you live in another country, try a store selling Indian groceries or buy it online. The two best Indian brands of Kitchen King Masala are Everest and MDH.

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