About TofuChops


My name is Narinder Singh. I am vegetarian, sadly not vegan. Sometimes (actually once in a few months), I drink coffee or tea with milk. Other than that, I hardly ever buy dairy products. Obviously no meat and no eggs.

In my cooking, I have replaced cottage cheese with tofu that I make myself. Instead of butter and clarified butter, I use olive oil. Due to that, I have to give up some of the best Indian curries and snacks that need the use of dairy products, particularly plain yogurt and butter.

Some of those curries and snacks are not easy to give up because they are just awesome. This predicament made me search the internet for their vegan alternatives. I found many and my search is still on. 

TofuChops.com is my attempt at sharing what I have found so far. In addition to vegan recipes, I have included some food facts that matter but will be eventually forgotten because of the onslaught of misinformation being spread by the food processing industry.

There are many “vegetarian” recipes in this site, that need some dairy product as an ingredient. Well, I guess if someone likes a vegetarian curry with butter in it, it is still good that they are not eating eggs or meat.

I will keep updating the site to add more and more vegan alternatives to popular recipes. Please share your feedback, and help me with your ideas. Thanks for visiting.