What Is Tempeh? Is It Safe, and How Is It Cooked?

Tempeh is made by fermenting soybeans, which is safe to eat once cooked properly.


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If you have seen tempeh in your supermarket or an online store, and are wondering what in the world it is, this article will introduce you to tempeh. You will learn how it is made, how it is cooked, and whether it is safe to eat. And I will also share a YouTube video, which will show you how to make and cook tempeh at home. Let’s begin.

What Is Tempeh

Tempeh is a cake-like protein made by cooking and fermenting whole soybeans. Fully cooked soybeans are mixed with a fungus (rhizopus oligosporus), which, over a few days, binds them into a firm block. The block of tempeh is cut into smaller pieces and cooked by frying, grilling or baking.

Commercially produced tempeh is the most commonly consumed variety, but it can easily be made at home provided you can get your hands on the fungus to be used in the process. If you are new to tempeh, don’t try to make it at home. Instead, just buy a reputable brand from a store.

Is Tempeh Safe To Eat?

Tempeh is absolutely safe, provided you are using it before the expiry date, and it has been stored properly. If you open a pack of tempeh and see mold on it, or it smells rotten, do not use it. Once you have good quality tempeh, it is your job to make it safe to eat by cooking it properly.

Raw tempeh is not safe. You have to cook it well, and the best way to do it is, by shallow frying it in plenty of oil. The fried pieces can then be used in a curry.

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Tempeh Recipes

The most common tempeh recipes are curries, burgers, sandwiches, and stir-fries. You will find hundreds of good tempeh recipes on YouTube.

Making Tempeh At Home (Video)

Please watch this YouTube video to know how tempeh can be made and cooked at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxG_S0Q-bAg

I have tried to keep this article brief. Your next steps are to buy a pack of frozen tempeh, and try a recipe at home.

Happy cooking!

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