Pitha / Bhakosa / Chana Dal Fara: Recipe Video

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Bhakosa, also called pitha or fara, is a traditional North Indian snack. It is made using chana dal, herbs, and spices stuffed in a pocket of whole wheat dough. The pocket is then boiled in water and later fried in oil. Bhakosa is a kind of a fried dumpling, only it is not steamed but boiled before frying.

It is a very healthy and wholesome snack that is also easy to make. It used to be made in North Indian homes, in Uttar Pradesh primarily, but is now being forgotten. Thanks to Youtube, we get to see and remember forgotten recipes like this.

A very well-presented recipe of bhakosa from the ‘Foodzlife’ Youtube channel is shared here. I hope it helps in keeping this snack a part of our lives forever.

All that said, I do feel that traditional recipes need to evolve, or else they risk dying. Bhakosa is simple, and its suggested ingredients are rather necessary, but still, it can improve. One ingredient that can be adjusted in this recipe is garlic.

I was surprised to see the amount of garlic being used in the chana dal stuffing. 10-12 cloves of garlic in one cup of chana dal looked too much. I would rather use a fourth of the suggested quantity. Another spice that can perhaps be reduced is turmeric powder.

These are only my suggestions, not necessary for the recipe. You should make bhakosa the way you like it.

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