How To Make Tempeh At Home: Recipe Video

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I first heard about tempeh at a vegan restaurant in Pattaya (Thailand). They had a vegan burger on the menu. I ordered it expecting a vegetable patty, something made from potatoes, carrots, etc. Instead, what I got was a bland, rubbery, tofu-like substance. It did not taste good.

The owner of the restaurant told me it was tempeh. I did not know what tempeh was and, owing to my disappointing first experience, was not even keen to know.

Then I saw this video, and it was like I was looking at tempeh for the first time. I saw real soybeans in this tempeh that were nowhere to be seen in that Pattaya burger patty.

Now I learn that tempeh can be made either from whole soybeans or from okara (soy pulp after milk is extracted from it). By the way, I think that burger patty in Pattaya was made using minced tofu; it was neither soybeans nor okara.

So, coming back to tempeh, it would be wonderful to make it at home because when you buy it at a store, there is a likelihood that you will get cheated unless you know the brand.

Two things are crucial. First, you will need a good quality tempeh mold starter. Second, once you have successfully made tempeh, do not eat it raw. Tempeh needs to be cooked. Shallow frying looks like a good option.

More learning is needed about tempeh, and I will publish more on this because, as you can see, the tempeh made in this recipe video cannot be used as a burger patty. So, how is that done? Anyway, this is one of the best tempeh videos that you will see on Youtube.

Video credit: ‘Veganlovlie – Vegan Fusion-Mauritian Recipes’ Youtube channel.


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