Making Sun-Dried Garlic Powder, Onion Powder & Ginger Powder

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Most of us prefer to buy onion, garlic, and ginger powders from grocery stores. I guess the reason for that is our perception that the process to make these powders is difficult and these powders cannot be made at home.

Well, the truth is just the opposite. It is very easy to make onion, garlic, and ginger powders at home – finely chop the herbs, dry them fully in the sun (may take a few days), and then grind them in a spice grinder.

In this video, the herbs are dried in the sun. Later I will share another video where the drying process takes place in an oven. Whichever way you dry the herbs, it is better to make herb powders at home than buying at the store.

Video credit: ‘The Terrace Kitchen’ Youtube channel.

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