Soyajoy Soy Milk Maker: How To Use & Review

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This very helpful review video shows what Soyajoy soy milk maker is and how to use it. The review is of G4 model, but it can serve as a guide for the newer models too.

To begin with, it is not really necessary to use a machine such as this one to make soy milk at home. The pots and pans already in our kitchen can do the job pretty well. However, if you do need to save a bit of time by letting the machine do a few of the steps in the process, this soy milk maker may be a worthy investment.

The machine basically does two jobs, one it crushes the beans to make soy pulp, and then it boils the pulp to cook both soy milk and okara. Yes, it is necessary to boil okara if you intend to use it as food. You may like to read this article of mine for more on this topic.

As you will see in the video, you need to use 1 cup of soaked soy beans (skins removed, if you like), and 6 cups of water. Put both in the machine, close the lid, and start it. After “20 to 30 minutes” the machine will finish its job, and you will be able to strain the milk out of the pulp.

Now see, you still have to soak the beans first, and later strain the pulp which is not an easy task. All that Soyajoy is doing is crushing the beans and boiling the slurry. It does not do everything. But it does automate those two steps, and you may get a consistent quality of the milk every time.

Video credit: all day i eat like a shark YouTube channel.


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