Making Soy Milk By Mary’s Test Kitchen: Recipe Video

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Making soy milk at home is very easy. But it may not seem easy to you if you have never done it before. That is why videos like these are so helpful for the soy milk newbies.

The process to make soy milk is simple, and it requires only two ingredients – soybeans and water. You will need one more thing – a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag to squeeze the milk out of the pulp. You will know this once you see the video.

This video from Mary’s Test Kitchen suggests soaking the soybeans in plain water for a day or two. Once the beans are ready, transfer them to a blender along with plenty of water and blend.

You need to crush the beans, but you don’t want a paste. That means do not blend too much. Put the blended mix into the nut milk bag and squeeze. You will see soy milk dipping into the pan. What is left in the nut milk bag is soy pulp called okara, which is edible too.

There is a small issue with the soy milk recipe shown in the video. The boiling of soy milk is suggested after it is separated from okara. However, the correct way would be to boil the crushed soybeans before squeezing the milk out. For more on this, you may like to read 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Soy Milk At Home

Video credit: ‘Mary’s Test Kitchen’ Youtube channel.

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