Vegetarian Chili Recipe Video

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This inspiring video from the ‘Wyse Guide’ Youtube channel is an easy-to-follow recipe for vegetarian chili. Chili is a stew of beans in chili and tomato-based sauce. It usually contains some meat but can be made vegan or vegetarian simply by avoiding the meat.

In addition to beans, corn is also used in the making of this stew. Other vegetables such as bell-peppers can be added if desired.

Vegetarian Chili By ‘Wyse Guide’

The recipe suggests using three different kinds of raw (dry) beans – kidney beans, cranberry beans, and pinto beans. One can also use canned beans for this recipe. Using all three types of beans is not necessary either. One can use just one type or two.

The recipe uses fresh chili powder from three different types of chili, but store-bought powder can also be used. The process to make this recipe is straight-forward but is time-consuming, and one will have to be patient. When using dry beans, they will have to be pre-cooked for an hour. And if using homemade tomato juice, that will need to be prepared in advance.

After the sauce is ready and you add the boiled beans to it, there is still a long way to go. Maybe an hour or longer until the beans are fully cooked.

One bonus tip: The beans will cook sooner and better if soaked in plain water for 10-12 hours before use.


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