Vegetarian Buns / Traditional Chinese Buns: Recipe Video

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The title of the recipe says “vegetarian*,” but these are actually vegan buns. Simple ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, onion, salt & oil for the filling and all-purpose flour, yeast, and water for the wrapper make it the simplest Chinese dumplings.

The video includes a valuable tip to coat the vegetables with oil before adding salt to prevent the veggies from releasing water. Another tip says not to open the steamer for five minutes after turning the stove off. I guess that keeps the buns soft and fluffy.

After watching this video, anyone can make steamed Chinese buns at home. What makes me even happier is to know that it is a vegan Chinese recipe. There are not that many around.

The suggested filling is perfect as it is, but one may like to experiment with it. Maybe add some tofu or another vegetable. Maybe make a version without mushrooms. The possibilities are endless.

Video credit: This simple recipe of vegan Chinese steamed buns comes from the ‘Cooking With May Lynn’ Youtube channel.

(*In India, “vegetarian” officially means no meat-fish-eggs, but dairy and honey are allowed.)


Read more about steamed buns here: Vegan Steamed Buns With Vegetable Filling.


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