Vegan Shawarma With Seitan: Recipe Video

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Shawarma is an Arabian meat preparation, and it is popular all over the world. But what if Shawarma can be enjoyed as a 100% vegan treat? Won’t that be great?

Luckily, it is possible. All you need is to find a suitable meat substitute. In this recipe video, that meat substitute is “Seitan.”

Seitan is made from wheat gluten. Though it is bland on its own, it can be cooked along with veggies and condiments to give it a meat-like flavor.

You need to buy seitan at a store. Or, if you are so inclined, you will find several recipes online to make it at home. That may even be necessary if it is not available at the stores in your location.

So, anyway, if you like seitan, you can make and enjoy this vegan shawarma. It sure looks good.

Fry chopped onions in a pan and add thinly sliced seitan. Next, add spices of your choice and salt. Fry for a few minutes to let the seitan absorb the flavors.

Now you are ready to make the sandwich. Take a wheat tortilla, add spicy sauce, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and top it all with the cooked seitan. Finish with more lettuce and some coriander.

Roll the tortilla and bake it in a panini press. Your vegan shawarma is ready to enjoy.

Video credit: ‘Today’s Special’ Youtube channel.


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