Vegan Red Chili Sauce: Recipe Video

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Two spicy red chili sauce versions – Harissa from Tunisia and Schug from Yemen, both authentic and easy to make. Watch this really helpful video from ‘Today’s Special’ Youtube channel for the recipes.

Harissa from North Africa is made using hot red peppers, garlic, sweet paprika, olive oil, salt, and water. First, red peppers and garlic go into a food processor to obtain a basic chili paste. Then, sweet paprika, olive oil, salt, and water are added.

There you have it. Harissa chili sauce from Tunisia.

Schug from Yemen (West Asia) gets two extra ingredients – coriander leaves and cumin powder. The process is the same as Harissa’s but with one difference. At the time of grinding, coriander leaves are added along with chilies and garlic.

Once the basic chili paste is ready, salt, cumin powder, sweet paprika, olive oil, and water are mixed in.

That gives us another very simple, yet interesting hot red chili sauce.

These spicy sauces can be used in a variety of ways. Harissa is a popular condiment in Africa. It is used on sandwiches, eggs, couscous, and just about everything that needs a little perking up.

Similarly, Schug is used in the Arab / Israeli kitchens to spice up meats, sandwiches, pita, hummus, or any other meal.

I wonder if those red hot peppers are available everywhere? In India, I rarely see them. So, is that going to keep me from enjoying these wonderful sauces?

I guess not! I am sure I will do something to find fresh hot red chilies. Otherwise, I may try using dried red chilies after soaking them in water. Maybe that will work.

Video credit: Today’s Special Youtube channel.


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