Vegan Parmesan Cheese – Quick & Easy: Recipe Video

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You can make vegan Parmesan cheese powder at home, dairy-free, and of course, cruelty-free. This quick and easy recipe will show you how.

Very few ingredients are needed to make this vegan Parmesan cheese powder. The main ingredient is raw cashew nuts – a cup or so. Then you need a quarter cup of nutritional yeast, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, and salt to taste.

Once you have gathered all these ingredients, put everything in a blender and run it for a few seconds. That is it. You will have your vegan Parmesan cheese powder.

You can play with the quantities of the flavors in the recipe – nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and salt, all of which can be increased or decreased as per your requirement.

This recipe is a powerful example of how easy it is to replace animal-based products with plant-based ones and that too without sacrificing much on the flavor. It is really heartening to know that more and more people all around the world are turning to cruelty-free foods.

Vegan is good!

Video credit: ‘The Veggie Nut’ Youtube channel.

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