Vegan Pancakes With Bananas: Recipe Video

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Do we necessarily need to use milk and eggs to make pancakes? We don’t. Pancakes can be 100% vegan and still be healthy and taste great. Just one condition, we will have to make the pancake batter ourselves.

In case the brand “Betty Crocker” comes to mind here, let me clarify that the pancake mix Betty Crocker sells in India, and maybe in other markets too, is not vegan because it contains milk solids.

So how do we make vegan pancakes? It is simple. We use non-dairy milk and a lot of baking powder. Apart from these two ingredients, we need an edible oil with a neutral flavor, refined wheat flour, and a sweetener such as agave syrup.

We just mix everything and start cooking. Vegan pancakes are a failsafe recipe, hardly need any preparation time, and can be cooked in no time.

The ‘LadyAceKitchen’ Youtube channel presents this quick and simple recipe of vegan pancakes. Once ready, the pancakes are served with sliced bananas and maple or agave syrup.

The possibilities are endless here. The presented recipe gives us all the necessary information. Then it is up to us to make pancakes of our choice. We can replace bananas with blueberries or strawberries or use another syrup of our choice.

Seriously, it is time for some vegan pancakes!


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