Vegan Pad Thai In 5 Minutes: Recipe Video

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If you have visited Thailand, you must have had the urge to taste Pad Thai. After all, Pad Thai is the most marketed Thai dish. It is a spicy rice noodle preparation, which is also a bit sweet because one of the recipe ingredients is jaggery or palm sugar.

Pad Thai originally is not vegan or vegetarian. The sauce used in Pad Thai is most likely to contain fish sauce. Then the noodles are stir-fried along with eggs, pre-cooked chicken, prawns, or shrimp.

Even when someone in Thailand tells you that they can serve vegetarian Pad Thai, do not believe them because what you eat will most likely contain dry shrimp powder or a shrimp paste.

A vegan version of Pad Thai should not contain any of these. The recipe you see here is a 5-minute vegan Pad Thai cooked along with green and yellow peppers, button mushrooms, and grated carrot.

The noodles often used for Pad Thai are called “Rice Stick” and are thick and flat in shape. In this video, you will see a different variety, but it does not matter. Also, originally, Pad Thai is served with a topping of crushed roasted peanuts, but you will see cashew nuts here. Another ingredient used in this recipe as garnish is coriander, which is better avoided.

Anyway, if you like saucy, hot & sweet noodles with loads of veggies, you will like vegan Pad Thai. Let this video be your general guide; you can always improve upon it.

Video credit: The Happy Pear Youtube channel.


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