Vegan Green Chutney (Coriander Dip): Recipe Video

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If you love green chutney (coriander dip) with an Indian deep-fried snack such as Samosa, you may want to learn how to make the chutney yourself. It is incredibly easy. And this video recipe from ‘Today’s Special’ Youtube channel makes it even easier.

Earlier, I shared a video from this Youtube channel that showed two hot red chili sauce recipes, one from North Africa and the other from West Asia. Those are just great.

This particular dip does not have any chilies in it. Indian green chutney is primarily a coriander dip, but if someone wants to use a couple of green chilies in the dip, they can.

The green chutney recipe here needs green coriander (cilantro) leaves, pitted dates, garam masala, and water. Everything is ground together with a hand mixer, and that is it. Green chutney is ready.

I made this dip according to the recipe and will share my feedback here. My green chutney was not particularly tasty. Maybe I used too much coriander and too few dates. I also felt that I could have added a bit of salt.

The issue here is of getting the proportions right. How much coriander and how many dates. I think it is going to take some trial and error. However, I will suggest using a lesser amount of coriander and more dates in the beginning. Do add a pinch of salt along with the garam masala. The result will be better.

You can make a basic version of garam masala at home with this recipe. And if you want to try making samosa, learn from this authentic samosa recipe.


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