Dairy-Free Vegan Curd (Yogurt): Recipe Video

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When I did not know that it was so easy to make vegan curd at home, I used to miss curd. In India, dairy curd is a part of almost every meal. Curd is eaten as an accompaniment to flatbread and rice, is used in the making of curries and snacks, and becomes a yummy drink when whisked and sweetened.

In short, there is no life in India without curd. Ask someone who is not vegan, and you will know what I mean.

That is why it is heartening to know that it is so easy to make delicious curd at home with just peanuts and water. It is almost like the real thing and rather a little sweeter, which is a good thing.

This recipe has made it easier for me to live with vegan food. And I am really grateful for all the Youtube videos on vegan curd. For this article, I would have liked to pick another video published in 2014 (here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87DYXALYDsk.) Unfortunately, that video is not so well made. The one from “Rajshri Food” is better.

The recipe for peanut curd is straightforward. Put soaked peanuts and water in a blender and run it for a minute or so. Squeeze the peanut milk from the blended peanuts and rerun the process. Squeeze the milk again. Bring the squeezed peanut milk to boil and immediately turn off the stove.

Allow the milk to cool down until it is just warm. Add the culture, or some previously made vegan curd, or a dozen or so chili stems. Keep it overnight. Next morning, your vegan curd will be ready to enjoy. See the video, and you will have all the guidance.

Video credit: This video is from the ‘Rajshri Food’ Youtube channel.


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