How To Make Vegan Cheese Sauce: Recipe Video

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This straightforward and quick video recipe to make vegan cheese sauce comes from chef Mark Anthony. The recipe uses only minimal ingredients – potatoes, carrots, nutritional yeast, and a few herbs and spices. That is all. The sauce is ready in minutes.

The chef explains that the primary ingredient in the sauce is potatoes with some carrots added for color. First, diced potatoes and carrots are to be boiled together. My helpful tip here: boil for 20 minutes so that the carrots lose their own flavor.

Transfer the boiled veggies to a blender and add some salt (or a vegan chicken-style seasoning if you can find it), some onion and garlic powders, and a tablespoon or more of nutritional yeast. Optionally, some olive oil can be used to add a glaze to the sauce, and a bit of fresh lemon juice can be added as a preservative.

The ingredients need to be blended for 2-3 minutes or until you get a sauce-like consistency. Taste the sauce and add some more of the onion-garlic powder or salt if needed. Any unused sauce can be refrigerated and kept for a few days.

Video credit: ‘Mark Anthony’ Youtube channel.

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