Vegan Cheese Sauce Without Nutritional Yeast: Recipe Video

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This is a promising vegan cheese sauce recipe that does not use nutritional yeast but is full of veggies and flavors. In addition to the veggies and spices, the recipe requires the use of non-dairy milk and tofu to give the sauce a cheesy flavor.

This vegan cheese sauce is interesting in the sense that it avoids the use of nutritional yeast. It instead uses tofu, miso paste, and some non-dairy milk that again is likely to be soy milk. There are two issues here.

One, if you are allergic to soy, this sauce is not for you. Two, do we really need to avoid nutritional yeast and if we do, at what cost?

Nutritional yeast is not harmful to human health when used merely as a flavoring agent. On top of that, fortified nutritional yeast contains some essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 that are usually missing in a vegan diet.

If it is simpler to make a vegan cheese sauce with nutritional yeast, why not do it.

Please read my article on nutritional yeast facts here for more info.

Video credit: ‘The Vegan Corner’ Youtube channel.

Vegan Cheese Sauce With Nutritional Yeast

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