Two-Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream: Recipe Video

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One recipe that can make even a meat-eater interested in vegan food is vegan ice cream. And when this vegan ice cream is made using only two common ingredients, you know you got a winner. It gets better because you don’t even need a special ice cream machine.

So, what are the two ingredients? Chopped bananas and a flavor of your choice. This flavor can be strawberries or a vegan chocolate spread. Freeze the bananas for a while, then chop them up while still cold and put them in a blender along with some chopped fresh strawberries.

Blend for a while to get the “ice cream” consistency, and there you are – your super healthy and fresh homemade vegan ice cream. It’s yummy if you like bananas! If you don’t like bananas, you have the option of making vegan ice cream with coconut milk. See this: Vegan Ice Cream with coconut milk and flavors of your choice.

Some useful tips: Use frozen bananas and thaw them a bit before processing. Use fresh strawberries or a ready chocolate spread. Do not use dry cocoa powder. Do not over blend. Eat while still cold.

Video credit: ‘Mind Over Munch’ Youtube channel.



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