The Easiest Vegan Churros: Recipe Video

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Churros are basically deep-fried sweet doughnuts that are shaped like fries. Actually, they don’t really have to be shaped like fries. You can give them the shape of a little heart or anything else you like.

Another good thing about churros is that they can be totally vegan and still taste amazing.

In this video, you will see the easiest way to make vegan churros. It is so easy that you can’t go wrong. If you have never tasted churros before, now is the time. Get going.

The ingredients needed to make churros are water, oil, salt, sugar, flour, and more oil to fry. Once the frying is done, you will need two more ingredients – powdered sugar and cinnamon to coat the fried churros. Oh yes, one more ingredient, a sweet chocolate sauce or dip to enjoy the churros to the max.

And yes, you may want a cup of hot coffee to go with everything. But that is all, I promise.

The process is easy, boil water, oil, salt, and sugar and take the pan off the stove. Add the flour and mix to make a soft dough. Fill a piping cone with the dough and squeeze it to get churro sticks about 2 inches long.

The sticks may be fried as it is, or shaped into something else. Then deep fry. Can it be simpler than this?

Video credit: SweetEmelyne’s YouTube channel.


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