Teriyaki Tofu Steak: Recipe Video

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“If tofu tastes this good, you will hardly miss meat.” This is the central message of this recipe video. And I agree. It is a tofu steak that looks great and tastes magical.

The base protein used in the recipe is not any highly processed fake meat but just fresh tofu, which is a good thing.

Other than firm tofu, the recipe needs a few ingredients that are available everywhere except for sake (Japanese rice wine). That can be a problem if you cannot buy it in your area. Cooking sake is likely to be available at online market places such as Amazon. In India, Amazon has cooking sake at prices starting at USD 5 for 500ml.

Alternatively, one can try another rice wine or another white cooking wine or no wine at all. There are several articles online that suggest alternatives for sake. I guess some trial and error will be needed.

The name of the recipe is ‘Teriyaki Steak,’ but it does not use a store-bought teriyaki sauce. Instead, some sugar is dissolved in soy sauce.

Teriyaki tofu steak is a great recipe to start cooking with tofu because you can’t go wrong with it.

Video credit: ‘TabiEats Youtube channel.

Another very simple tofu recipe similar to this one is for glazed tofu that you can see here.

You can make vegan teriyaki sauce at home with this recipe.


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