Spicy Vegan Peanut Sauce: Recipe Video

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Peanut sauce works as an amazing addition to just about any Asian snack, or as you will see in this video, it can also be used as a salad dressing. Making this sauce is also easy. You gather all the ingredients, give them a mix, and it’s done.

As you will be using some Asian ingredients in this sauce, make sure that those are all vegan. Many Asian sauces and cooking pastes contain shrimp, so read the labels carefully.

The main ingredients for this sauce are chili paste (sambal olek is suggested in the video, or you can use sriracha sauce), peanut butter (unsweetened), tamari, or soy sauce, grated ginger, lime juice, black pepper, and chili flakes.

The process is straightforward. Put everything in a bowl and mix. You may use a bit of water to adjust the consistency if needed. If the sauce is going to be used as a salad dressing, it will need to be diluted with water.

You need to be careful about the two ingredients mentioned above – sambal olek and peanut butter. Sambal olek may contain shrimp paste, so read the label before buying if you want it vegan. The peanut butter used in the sauce may be sweetened or unsweetened. You may see how the sauce tastes with either of them.

It is easy to make 100% natural peanut butter at home. Just put some roasted peanuts in a mixer-grinder and run it for a few minutes. It is also possible to buy packaged peanut butter that contains only peanuts and nothing else.

Peanut sauce is sometimes also called “Thai” peanut sauce.

Time to make peanut sauce now. Video credit: Brownble Youtube channel. You can also make creamy peanut butter yourself.


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