Spicy Braised Tofu: Recipe Video

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If I make a list of the ten best tofu recipes that I will ever share on Tofuchops, this braised tofu will be on that list. Chef Maangchi has done an incredible job of presenting this popular tofu side dish.

In Korea, it is called “Dubu Jorim,” which means spicy tofu. However, I feel that no two words can accurately convey the real magnitude of this creation. It is gourmet food but with the simplicity of everyday cooking.

Once you see the video, you suddenly have a different opinion of tofu. It is no longer some bland protein, and it is no longer meant for vegans only. Who wouldn’t want to taste Dubu Jorim?

To cook Dubu Jorim, you need a block of firm tofu, green onions, garlic, soy sauce, red pepper, salt, and sugar. These ingredients are not hard to find. And the recipe is so easy to follow that it will inspire even those who have never cooked an Asian curry before.

Chef Maangchi’s Dubu Jorim is too spicy, but you can adjust the chili powder amount to your liking. Actually, it is better to start with half of the suggested amount of chili. Then you can add more if needed.

I know you are already thinking of trying out this one. Please do.

Video credit: ‘Maangchi’ Youtube channel.

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