Roti Canai Vegan Recipe: No Condensed Milk, No Eggs

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It is possible to make perfect flaky roti canai without any condensed milk or eggs. This recipe video shows how. If you have seen chefs flipping roti canai, you may think it requires a lot of skill. Actually, it does not. You are not trying to make the roti canai look perfect, but taste perfect.

You need a total of five ingredients for this vegan roti canai: refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, and plain water.

First, mix salt and sugar into the water, and then use this water to make a dough from the flour. Once the dough is ready, divide it into small balls. Coat the balls with oil, and keep them covered in a fridge overnight.

The next morning, the dough is ready to be rolled; it is just that you will not roll the roti with a rolling pin. Instead, you will press and spread each dough ball as thin as possible and then fold several times. This is essential to make flaky roti canai.

Once the folding is done, you will again have sort of dough balls. Cover them again with oil and keep them aside for 5-10 minutes. Finally, your roti canai is ready to be cooked.

Spread the roti in a round shape, and cook it on a hot griddle or grill plate. When cooked, take it down and press it on the sides to release the air. There, you have crispy and flaky roti canai.

Try it with an equally delicious Malaysian dal curry. This is a yummy and filling combination you will love.

Video credit: Nyonya Cooking Youtube channel.


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