Quick And Easy Sambar: Recipe Video

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Having already shared chef Sanjay Thumma’s other South Indian breakfast recipes such as pesarattu, idli, dosa, coconut chutney, and medu vada, this sambar recipe of his completes the series. As a bonus, there is even a superb Bisi bele bhat recipe that he has presented so well.

Coming back to sambar, if you think about making sambar and get worried if it will taste right, you don’t have to worry anymore. This quick and easy recipe to make sambar will be your best guide. Try it and be a sambar expert in no time.

The chef has shared some ideas to use store-bought ingredients that make the whole process less cumbersome for a beginner. Actually, even experienced hands would prefer to buy some ingredients rather than make them from scratch.

As explained in this video, the process is so simple that you may not believe in the beginning that the sambar will taste good. But the chef repeatedly assures that it will.

All you need to do is to assemble all the ingredients and add them in the suggested order. There too, the ingredients are not so hard to find. Even you are free to use the veggies you like, not particularly those you see in the recipe.

One example is potatoes and tomatoes. Some people like them in sambar, and some don’t. It doesn’t even matter because, basically, sambar is a mixed vegetable curry with a coconut flavor that was perhaps originally created to go with a meal of plain boiled rice. Do it in your own way while following the steps that you see here. You won’t go wrong.

Video credit: Vahchef – VahRehVah Youtube channel.


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