Potatoes With Nigella Seeds (Kalonji Aloo): Recipe Video

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Kalonji (nigella seeds) adds not only flavor to our food, but also brings many health benefits along. For example, it helps strengthen our immune system. All we have to do is, use nigella seeds in our cooking wherever possible.

Flavor-wise, the one vegetable which gets an instant boost with nigella seeds is potatoes. Kalonji flavored potatoes is a popular recipe in many parts of India, particularly in the Eastern and Northern states. One such recipe is called “Aloo Ki Launji” and for that, you can see an authentic recipe video from Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi here.

Potatoes can also be flavored with cumin seeds and usually, such a recipe (called “Jeera Aloo“) will produce a dry curry with the unique flavor of cumin. Kalonji, on the other hand, usually goes into a curry with a gravy. It can be enjoyed with “Poori” (deep-fried flatbread), or skillet paratha.

In the current video, you will see a simple, rather basic, Bengali recipe of Kalonji aloo. But let this be a start. There are many more ways to use Kalonji in Indian food. Try and do a recipe search on YouTube with words such as “Kalonji recipes.”

Once you taste Kalonji in a curry, you will never forget the flavor. I am quite sure of that.

Video credit: Flik Hospitality Group YouTube channel.


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