Chai Flavored Peanut Butter: Recipe Video

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‘Mind Over Munch’ Youtube channel presents this video showing how to make peanut butter at home with a twist of Indian chai masala. Indian chai (milky tea) masala is a blend of spices that makes chai more fragrant. Everyone does not like it, and as far as chai goes, this masala is not necessary.

In your peanut butter, however, chai masala can add some extra yummy flavor. Another thing, when you use chai masala in peanut butter, you will also need to add some sweetener. In this recipe, honey is used. If you do not want to use honey, brown sugar may be good enough.

Indian tea masala can be made at home by grinding just a few spices. In the video, four whole spices are suggested – cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, in addition to an “all-spice” mix. In India, chai masala almost always includes dry ginger powder. Ginger makes chai nice and strong, but in peanut butter, I don’t know.

If you are making peanut butter for the first time, better make it without any added flavor. Using any sweetener is also not necessary. Peanuts are naturally sweet, and plain peanut butter will certainly taste good.

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