Peanut And Jaggery Laddu Without Ghee: Recipe Video

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This is a fantastic traditional laddu recipe that needs only two ingredients and does not require any cooking. The two ingredients are roasted peanuts and jaggery (Gud). The third ingredient that you see in the video is cardamom seed powder, used as a totally optional flavor.

I had to see about a dozen recipe videos on Youtube to pick this one finally. Now let us see why this video is better than many others that show the same recipe. My primary reason is that this recipe is vegan. It does not suggest the use of ghee (clarified butter) which is unnecessary anyway.

So, why many other recipes suggest ghee? It is a habit among my fellow Indians (I wanted to call it a bad habit, and one day I will do that.) We have to add ghee to sweets and curd (yogurt) to curries and snacks, even when unnecessary. Dairy products are cheap and easily available everywhere in India. No one is thinking while cooking. They just reach for some dairy-based ingredient to make their cooking special.

Specifically here, peanuts already contain 50% natural fat and, while grinding, will release some of that oil which will help bind the laddu in the desired shape. There is absolutely no real logic to adding any other fat. Again, why so many recipes suggest adding ghee? People don’t think.

I will give an example. I once saw a tofu curry recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor, India’s well-known TV chef. The recipe was all fine and vegan until, in the end, he decided to add dairy cream to the curry. It was shocking. I thought, how could a celebrity chef be so insensitive? Well, people really don’t think.

Peanut-Jaggery Laddu From Rajshri Food

This is a no-cooking recipe. However, if you are starting with raw peanuts, you will need to roast them lightly and remove the skins. Add roasted peanuts to a grinding jar and grind for 5-10 seconds. You want a moist powder, not peanut butter.

Add powdered or crushed jaggery and run the grinder for another 5-10 seconds. Your laddu mix is done. Remove the mix to a plate and use your hands to shape the laddus. You are ready to enjoy this easy and healthy traditional Indian sweet.

Video credit: ‘Rajshri Food’ Youtube channel.


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