Oil-Free Glazed Tofu: Super Easy Recipe

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If you want to cook tofu oil-free, this is the easiest way to do it. All you need is a block of firm tofu and a cooking sauce of your choice. It takes less than 10 minutes, and comes out perfect every time. This recipe of oil-free tofu steak/glazed tofu will certainly inspire you to get cooking.

The process is straightforward. Chop the tofu in any shape you like. However, it would be more convenient to cook if you shop it in rather big rectangular pieces, as shown in the video. You don’t even need to press the water out. Just chop up and toss the tofu into the hot non-stick pan or skillet.

Cook on either side until golden brown. This should take a total of 5 to seven minutes, depending on the heat. Once the tofu is all done, reduce the flame and add the sauce. Cook for another two to three minutes until the sauce is absorbed by the tofu.

And that’s it. The quickest and easiest tofu curry is done. A more elaborate version of tofu cooked with a sauce is the Korean Dubu Jorim. In that recipe, chopped tofu is fried in oil, and then the recipe is finished with a spicy homemade sauce. Dubu Jorim is also easy and tastes better. You may see that recipe video here.

Yet another variant of tofu cooked similarly is the Japanese tofu steak. Please see that recipe video here.

That was a lot of ideas. Now get cooking.

Video credit: Sarah’s Vegan YouTube Channel


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