Mexican Vegan Red Rice: Recipe Video

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This is a very easy-to-follow recipe to make vegan Mexican rice. When I watched this video, I thought that yes, now I can make Mexican rice. The beauty of the recipe is that it only uses the ingredients that we always have at home. You will like it.

Let me warn you, though, that the video is almost 14 minutes long. It was posted in 2018, and in those days, most recipe videos were long. Other than that, everything’s perfect. You will learn to make Mexican red rice.

A couple of things about the rice and how they are used in the recipe: one, the rice needs to be completely dry when adding them to the pan. So, what do we do? Do we wash and dry them first? I think I would because using rice directly from a supermarket pack looks unwise to me. But drying washed rice under a fan is going to take some time. Otherwise, we can do as suggested in the video and don’t wash.

The other thing is to choose the correct type of rice. It better be long-grain raw white rice. Not parboiled or anything, and not short grain. The suggested rice-water ratio of 1:2 should work for long-grain rice, but it may need to be adjusted. You will know once you try the recipe.

The cooking time of 45 minutes also may depend on how low you can go on the heat. Everyone uses different stoves and different pans, and therefore, that time may also change a bit, but we should aim for 45 minutes at least for the first attempt.

Well, good luck to all of us. We are going to cook Mexican rice.

Video credit: Sahar Belle Youtube channel.


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