Mexican Style Tofu Scramble: Recipe Video

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This is a quick and easy recipe for a vegan “Mexican-style” tofu scramble, or at least that is what the video’s creator calls it. When I look at the ingredients, it is more of an international dish, not particularly Mexican.

Let us see what is used in the recipe: Onion, tomato, green chili, garlic powder, turmeric powder (for color), salt, black pepper, and of course, tofu. These are the ingredients that are likely to be in a kitchen in almost any country.

If you follow the recipe, you will get a flavor that you can relate to. And I think you will love it. The common ingredients coupled with the simplicity of the recipe give you a foolproof tofu scramble.

A couple of things worth taking care:

  1. In this recipe, tofu is added while the tomatoes are still moist. Even if you cook the tofu for five minutes as suggested, the water in the tofu will not dry out completely, and hence the tofu will not fully absorb the flavor of the herbs and spices. These are not eggs. I will suggest removing as much water as possible from the tofu beforehand by placing something heavy on it for 30 minutes. Also, use only firm or extra-firm tofu.
  2. Try adding turmeric powder to the onions and tomatoes while you sauté them. The idea is to avoid the raw flavor of turmeric powder that you will get if you add it at the end.

Still, this is the tofu scramble video on YouTube that I liked the most. This is how cooking should be – simple!

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Video credit: ‘Jen Milos’ YouTube channel.


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