Making Vegan Cheddar Cheese from Vegetables: Recipe Video

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Let us make vegan cheddar cheese from potatoes and carrots, and no cooking. Don’t be so surprised. It is possible! Just mix the ingredients in a blender and enjoy this astonishing vegan cheese.

Well, you will need a little more information, which is here:

The ingredients that you will need for this recipe are boiled potatoes and carrots, olive oil, non-dairy milk (unsweetened), lemon juice, tapioca starch, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. The quantity of each individual ingredient is shown in the video.

You may adjust the quantity of the flavoring agents as per your taste. Use more potatoes than carrots, like in the ratio of 1 cup of potatoes to a half cup of carrots. Or, try reducing the carrots even more. A perfect version of this recipe will take a few rounds of trial and error. But you will be happy to have your homemade vegan cheese.

Put everything in a blender and blend until the semi-liquid is smooth and creamy. Your vegetable-based vegan liquid cheddar cheese is ready to enjoy.

Video credit: ‘Minimalist Ktchn’ YouTube channel.

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