Making Idli With Cream of Rice (Idli Sooji / Idli Rava): Recipe Video

The main ingredients in dosa batter are rice and urad dal. The same batter can be used to make idli too. But what if you want your idli to come out extra soft and spongy? Well then you have to use idli rava, also called idli sooji or cream of rice.

You are not making “rava idli” here which is made using wheat semolina and curd. Cream of rice is different. In South Indian shops, you will find packets marked “idli sooji” or “idli rava”. If you are buying online, search for these terms or for “cream of rice”.

The recipe is super easy as you will know after watching this video from Vah Chef. Try it today for that special idli. You will love it.

Video credit: ‘Vahchef – VahRehVah’ Youtube channel.

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