Korean Vegan Churros: Recipe Video

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This video is proof that once you decide to go vegan, any recipe can be made entirely out of plant-based ingredients. It makes me particularly happy when I see a vegan recipe for something believed impossible to make without eggs.

In this video, you will see a recipe to make Korean vegan churros, which are actually twisted doughnuts. These churros need yeast to ferment the dough before it is deep-fried. This is an additional step from the quick vegan churros recipe video that you may have seen before. Another addition to the recipe is Aquafaba, a vegan liquid that can replace egg whites.

The process is simple. Mix all the ingredients and yeast. Then add flour and make a dough. Let it rest so that it ferments and rises. Then divide the dough into equal parts and shape the churros. I think it is the shape of these churros that gives them the Korean character.

It can be any other shape as well. After that, the next step is to deep-fry them and coat them with powdered sugar and cinnamon. You may also like to glaze the churros with something. A strawberry sauce is suggested in the video, which is a good idea.

Now all that is left to make a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Video credit: The Korean Vegan Youtube channel.


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