Vegan Jeera Rice (Cumin Flavored Rice): Recipe Video

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The recipe to make cumin flavored rice is so simple that I wanted to share it with the shortest video that I could find. Luckily, I did find this one-minute video that will give you the idea of this recipe.

Jeera rice is best enjoyed with a spicy lentil curry, which is called ‘dal tadka’ in India. Of course, it tastes great with any Indian spicy curry. The recipe that you see here is not only easy to follow, it is also vegan. Many times, there is a tendency in India to use clarified butter (dairy-based fat called “ghee”) for this and other Indian recipes. Actually, once you cook Jeera rice using a vegetable oil, you will love the flavor. There is absolutely no need to use any animal-source fat.

In this recipe, you will see rice being cooked in the cumin flavored oil. One can also try another way, that is, making plain rice first and then frying it with cumin flavored oil. The later version will be similar to the Chinese way of making fried rice. Once you try both the methods, you will find your favorite.

Jeera rice can also contain fried onions or garlic which will be added to the hot oil along with cumin seeds. That adds to the flavor, but takes away the utter simplicity of this food. Personally, I like it just with the cumin seeds and salt.

Video credit: Cuisine Canvas YouTube channel.

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