Jeera Aloo (Boiled Potatoes Cooked With Cumin Seeds): Recipe Video

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This is a super easy and superfast Indian curry: Jeera Aloo, which is boiled potatoes cooked with a lot of cumin seeds and other herbs and spices. If you have never cooked an Indian curry before, this is the one that has an over 90% chance of coming out perfect even for the first time cook.

You will see baby potatoes being used in the video. That is good if you have them. Otherwise, use any boiled potatoes and cut them into equal-sized pieces. You may like to take care to not using sweet-tasting potatoes because that will just ruin the curry.

There is a reason why the potatoes you use taste sweet. Those sweet-tasting potatoes can be bad for health, so it is something worth being careful about.

About the recipe, all you need to do is to heat some oil in a non-stick pan and then add the ingredients one-by-one. After about two minutes or so, your jeera-aloo will be ready to enjoy. Start with regular cumin seeds (not shah-jeera) and then proceed to add curry leaves, chopped ginger, chopped green chilies, boiled potatoes, salt, and lemon juice. Saute everything for a minute or so and garnish with chopped coriander (cilantro) leaves. Done.

Jeera Aloo can be enjoyed with an Indian flatbread, such as chapati or plain paratha.

Video credit: Rajshri Food YouTube Channel.


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