Instant Besan Dhokla In Idli Steamer: Recipe Video

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If you do not want to make authentic Gujarati dhokla, you can use this quick method. Instead of using a mix of rice & lentils, use besan. And instead of fermenting the mix overnight, use baking soda to aerate the besan batter. Then, steam the batter in any large pot, and you got yummy dhokla ready in no time.

However, you will still need to prepare the syrup, requiring you to fry some spices, green chilies, and curry leaves. Then you need to add water and some sugar. Once it boils, the syrup is ready. This syrup is poured over the steamed dhokla, and that finishes the cooking.

In this recipe, you will see some unique things, such as grated ginger and sugar being added to the dhokla batter. Then the dhokla is steamed in an idli steamer which is a good idea because it is perfectly steamed.

Flavor-wise, this instant dhokla does not taste as good as the real thing, and it also is not as wholesome as the real thing. But still, sometimes, we are in a hurry, and an instant dhokla is still healthier than a deep-fried snack.

If you are going to make dhokla for the first time, you will love this quick recipe. Actually, you can’t go wrong with it, except that you shouldn’t forget to use lemon juice in the batter.

This instant dhokla recipe is vegan, means no yogurt, and hence is one of my favorites. I am sure it will become your favorite too.

Video credit: The Terrace Kitchen Youtube channel.


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