Potato & Tomato Indian Vegan Curry: Recipe Video

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Looking to make an Indian vegan curry for the first time? This is the easiest one you can do. You can’t go wrong.

Potato & tomato curry can be enjoyed with poori (deep-fried Indian flatbread), chapati (plain Indian flatbread), or plain steamed rice.

So, why do I have to feature a video that shows the simplest Indian curry? For one, as I said before, it is a great recipe for an Indian food novice to learn how to make a curry.

But more important, potato is the most widely available vegetable anywhere in the world. And when potatoes are used in an Indian curry, the result is just awesome.

This is what I recommend; when you make potato curry for the first time, try eating it with poori. You will be thankful for it.

Actually, poori bhaji is one of the most popular quick meals in India. You can have it in almost any part of India except that the cooking style of the bhaji (curry) will change according to the region.

In this particular recipe video, potato curry is made in the North Indian style. You will see that the process begins with the saut̩ing of whole spices Рbay leaves, cinnamon, mace, green & black cardamom, and cumin seeds. After that, chopped onions and ginger-garlic paste is added.

Then comes the turn of powdered spices, which are cooked in oil for a while, and then a cup of water is added. Kashmiri red chili powder follows at the right time, after adding water, because it is supposed to add a bright red color to the curry. However, if Kashmiri red chili is added directly to hot oil, it tends to darken. So, this is an excellent touch shown in the video. Be grateful, people.

Tomatoes need to be cooked for a while until they soften, so that step is clearly shown. Finally, boiled potatoes go in with some extra water, chopped coriander, and dried fenugreek leaves.

The curry is then boiled for a few more minutes and finished with more chopped coriander. It looks nice. You will feel like eating just when you look at the curry. It is a simple culinary treat. Do try it.

Video credit: The recipe video is from Bluebell Recipes Youtube channel.

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