How To Make Vegan Pastry Dough: Recipe Video

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Thinking of trying out a vegan pastry recipe? Well, you will need a vegan pastry sheet. And if you can’t buy that at your neighborhood supermarket, you may have to make it yourself.

Vegan pastry dough is easy to make, but the amount of vegan butter you will need to use will likely scare you. But I guess we need not feel too guilty because even a store-bought pastry sheet will also contain that amount of fat. Or, if someone is still feeling guilty, maybe they can use a smaller quantity of butter.

But once I get past the fat shock, what I like about this recipe is its simplicity. On top of that, I find it therapeutic. Look at it. You are making dough using only flour, salt, and water. Then you roll it out into an interesting shape and keep a huge block of vegan fat in the middle and fold it.

Here comes the most interesting part. You get to beat the dough with a stick until it flattens. Next comes the final rolling out and folding routine that needs to be done six times. In the end, you refrigerate the sheet for an hour, and it’s done.

Watching the video alone made me feel good but making the dough myself was totally rewarding. I even made a vegan apple strudel with it.

I hope I have managed to motivate you to give the pastry sheet recipe a try. Thanks for reading.

Video credit: Georgina Castellanos YouTube channel.


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