How To Make Vegan Cubano: Recipe Video

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The original Cuban-American sandwich, lovingly called Cubano, is a meaty treat. To a meat lover, the idea of a vegan Cubano will be utter nonsense. But the fact is, a vegan version of Cubano can be just as delicious and satisfying.

Fortunately, we have this recipe video that guides us on making a vegan Cubano in the (almost) original way. You will need to find suitable fake meat, maybe something like seitan. The rest of the stuff is easy.

What surprises me in this recipe is the marinade. Fresh lime and orange juice, garlic, spices, and the suggestion to marinate all night, it’s all there. Sounds authentic.

Though I think the recipe could use one little change – instead of using mustard on both slices of bread, it may be better to use mustard on one slice while using vegan butter or mayo on the other. Anyway, you will love this recipe.

Like the video says, it would be great to finish the sandwich on a proper grill. The vegan cheese in there is supposed to melt, and the other fillings need to be hot. All that may not happen if you are pressing down the sandwich in a pan.

But still, as they say, it’s the thought that counts. You are making a vegan Cubano here; the universe is already smiling upon you. Go ahead, do it your way.

Video credit: Secret Garden Cuisine Youtube channel.


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