How To Make Tofu At Home: Instructional Video

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I wanted to share a video that showed how to make tofu at home. It took some time searching, but I think I have chosen the right video. See, tofu making is a technical operation, even at home. Therefore, it is expected that the person making the video should know something about tofu. And they should be making tofu at home for their own use, not just making it once to record a video.

It is sad to see that even when some people make tofu only to record a video, they do not try to understand the technicalities. They publish a video but fail to convey all the necessary information or even convey wrong information.

La Fuji Mama’s video was published in October 2012 and seemed pretty original to me. I have seen some other tofu videos that are almost entirely copied from this one.

Tofu making needs just two ingredients – soy milk and a coagulant such as Magnesium Chloride, commercially sold by the name “Nigari.” That is what has been used here.

The process is simple, boil soy milk and allow it to cool for 3 minutes. Mix Nigari in warm water and slowly add it to the milk. You will see that soy milk has started to coagulate. Leave it there for 15 minutes, and your tofu is ready to be transferred to a tofu press.

In case you cannot buy Nigari in your location, there is also the option of using lemon juice instead of Nigari. Please read my article on How To Make Tofu At Home for details.

Video credit: ‘La Fuji Mama’ YouTube channel.


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