Homemade Vegan Coconut Ice Cream: Recipe Video

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In a different post, I have shared the recipe for a simple homemade two-ingredient vegan ice cream. That one uses bananas as the base to which a flavor such as strawberries or chocolate is added to make healthy and natural ice cream. For those who do not like bananas, this other recipe uses coconut and makes even tastier and almost real ice cream.

If you have tasted “coconut ice cream before, that was probably dairy-based ice cream with a coconut flavor. This recipe is different because it is dairy-free and uses coconut milk or coconut cream as the primary ingredient.

In this recipe video, canned coconut milk is suggested – one can of full cream and one can of lite coconut milk. There is some flexibility here, and one can use fresh homemade coconut milk as long as it is the first undiluted extract.

So, once you have the coconut milk part sorted out, all you need is a sweetener of your choice, a flavor of your choice, and some coconut flour or other starch to thicken the ice cream.

Blend everything for a few minutes and keep the mix in the freezer for a few hours. To make softer ice cream, you may take out the mix after two hours and whisk it again before keeping it back in the freezer.

I love this coconut ice cream idea. Not only is it super easy to make, but it is also delicious and healthy. Plus, it is all-natural and homemade – no quality issues and no artificial ingredients. On top of that, you can tweak the ingredients to obtain the flavor and consistency that you want. Oh, you have to try it.

Video credit: ‘Mind Over Munch’ Youtube channel.

If you want to make vegan ice cream with bananas instead, see this: Vegan Ice Cream With Bananas And A Flavor



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