Healthy Vegan Quesadilla And Pizza: Recipe Video

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This inspiring Youtube video from ‘This Savory Vegan’ Youtube Channel shows two very easy-to-make Mexican vegan snacks – a vegan pizza and a vegan quesadilla. Both of these regular recipes need cheese, but since we are talking vegan here, cheese substitutes are used.

The vegan quesadilla in this recipe uses a layer of avocado instead of cheese. Black beans and green bell pepper complete the filling with a lot of help from dry spices. The quesadilla is cooked on a skillet and finished with a garnish of cilantro.

The other vegan recipe – vegan pizza – uses a layer of refried beans instead of cheese. First, bean paste is spread over a quesadilla. The “pizza” is then topped with chopped onions & bell pepper, black beans and then baked for 10 minutes. The final toppings are avocado and cilantro.

I am not sure if these two recipes will instantly become someone’s favorites. Cilantro is one reason which some people don’t like, but it is easy to avoid. The second reason, everyone does not love avocado either.

Still, this gives us two useful ideas – vegan quesadilla with avocado and vegan pizza with refried beans. Certainly worth our time.

Video credit: ‘The Savory Vegan’ Youtube channel.


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