Basil Garlic Hummus: Recipe Video

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‘Food Wishes’ Youtube channel shares this recipe to make a green hummus – that is, hummus with basil and garlic. This hummus is special in many ways. One, it contains white kidney beans in addition to chickpeas. Two, it contains basil to give it a green color. There’s more.

The recipe video comes with some additional tips. One tip is on how to keep hummus looking green even after a while. The basil leaves used in the recipe are first blanched for a few seconds and then transferred to ice water to stop the cooking. That way, the leaves become greener and keep the hummus green for longer.

The second tip is to add olive oil slowly while making hummus. About half of the oil is added first, and the other half is added later when the blending is almost done. This is supposed to preserve the flavor of the hummus. Not sure about this one because even the author of the recipe himself is not sure.

So, anyway, this hummus recipe requires boiled chickpeas and white kidney beans, fresh basil leaves, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Everything is blended to produce a nice green hummus.

Hummus can be enjoyed as a dip for pita bread, corn chips, crackers, etc.

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