Healthy Tofu Burger: Recipe Video

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There are two types of vegan burgers: one, the burgers made from mock meat, something like the Impossible Burger, or the Beyond Burger. This type of burger is supposed to appeal to the regular meat-eaters willing to try a vegan option, provided it looks and tastes just like real meat.

The other type is a veggie burger, something like the White Castle Veggie Slider. This type of burger tastes like the vegetables or other plant-based ingredients that go into it. The tofu burger recipe that we see in this video is of the second type.

Tofu is a primary ingredient of this burger patty, but it is not processed tofu, and it does not taste like meat. Minced tofu is flavored with soy sauce, curry powder, spring onions, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then oatmeal is added, and the mix gets shaped into patties and fried.

The frying time is 20 minutes, 10 minutes on either side. That ensures that the tofu and the oatmeal all get cooked properly, and the result is a nice and crispy burger. It looks tempting, and I think you will agree.

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