Easy Mexican Beans: Recipe Video

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This video from ‘The Happy Pear’ Youtube Channel shows a super-easy way to cook Mexican Beans. The recipe is innovative. It uses tinned baked beans, tinned sweet corn, and tinned chopped tomatoes. I guess all that saves time.

Onions, garlic, green chili, and red pepper are chopped and sautéed. Corn kernels are added and cooked for a while. Spices, tomatoes, and beans follow. Before you know, your vegan Mexican beans are ready.

The video creators suggest using tinned baked beans because, in their market, regular beans were more expensive. The tomato sauce is rinsed off, and the beans are used in the recipe. This may not work everywhere, but if it does, it will be great.

This is a quick recipe and will yield a satisfactory result. However, one can perhaps make it better by going it a bit slower. For example, tomatoes can be cooked for about 5 minutes before the beans are added.

If you are using baked beans, a final cooking time of two minutes may be enough. Regular beans may need longer.

Mexican beans is a healthy and wholesome recipe and can be cooked anywhere in the world because of the easy-to-find ingredients. Just bake or buy some bread and enjoy a great meal.


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