Dal Bukhara Recipe By Chef Ashish Kumar

Chef Ashish Kumar shares this unique recipe of Dal Makhani. He calls his version “Dal Bukhara” and clarifies that the name of the dish changes according to where it is being prepared and served. “Dal Bukhara” is the name used for Dal Makhani at ‘Bukhara’ restaurant of ITC Maurya Hotel New Delhi.

In this recipe, whole urad dal is slow-cooked in two stages. In the first stage, dal is cooked in boiling water for 20 minutes and then drained. This cleans the dal of any impurities and artificial colors. The final cooking is done for approximately two hours or until dal is fully cooked.

Then comes the stage of tempering or tadka. Chef Ashish Kumar has suggested using a homemade tomato paste that imparts a nice red color to the curry. The bright color in this recipe also comes from the use of deggi mirch (a commercially available variant of red chili powder).

The tadka in this version of Dal Makhani uses clarified butter, and then a lot of fresh cream is added to the cooked dal. Obviously, it is not a vegan recipe and is not even meant to be. Yet, we can create a decent vegan version of Dal Makhani using vegan substitutes of cream and butter.

For guidance, we can see chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe of vegan Dal Makhani in this video.

For more on vegan Dal Makhni, please read this article: Vegan Dal Makhni: 3 Great Recipes and One Simple Trick.


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