Authentic South Indian Dosa Recipe Video

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A recipe video that not only shows how to make authentic South Indian dosa batter but also to make various types of dosa such as plain, masala, set, paper, or Mysore dosa, and even uttapam. This video from ‘Vah Chef’ has a wealth of information to help perfect your dosa-making skill.

The most basic skill is to learn which type of rice to use. Then comes the ratio of rice and urad. The chef recommends one cup of urad, two cups of rice, and a quarter-cup of chana dal. Additionally, a few fenugreek seeds and some salt is also used.

The ingredients, exce[t for salt, are soaked in water for 6 hours and then ground to a slightly coarse paste which is then left to ferment overnight. Salt to taste is added after the fermentation is done. That gives us the basic dosa batter.

To cook dosa, the batter is to be spread on a hot non-stick pan and cooked to a golden color. For masala dosa, a filling of mashed & spiced potatoes is used. And for Mysore dosa, a special Mysore chutney (paste) is applied after the dosa is spread.

A thicker dosa, called “set” dosa can be made by spreading the batter thinner than uttapam but thicker than the regular dosa. Set dosa is usually served in a set of two or three pieces, hence the name.

All types of dosa can be enjoyed with coconut or spicy chutney and sambar. However, sambar is not always necessary.

Video credit: Vahchef – VahRehVah Youtube channel.


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