Crispy Amritsari Kulcha in Cooker: Recipe Video

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Amritsari kulcha is a classic stuffed bread from Punjab that is traditionally made in a clay oven. The dough is made from refined wheat flour, and the stuffing is usually of spiced boiled potatoes.

If you have seen a stuffed naan, you have seen Kulcha. But still, Amritsari Kulcha is something that tastes best only in Amritsar. I actually mean it. I have tried Amritsari Kulcha outside Amritsar, and no chef ever got it right.

There are reasons. One, a lot of dairy fat goes into the dough – either butter or clarified butter. Perhaps adding that much fat to the Kulcha requires a lot of courage that outside chefs don’t have. Two, a unique set of spices is used in making the Kulcha that people outside Amritsar fail to use. And three, the chickpea curry that is served along with the Kulcha is a unique recipe that everyone does not know. It is a very mildly spiced curry that most cooks fail to appreciate. They make it too spicy and spoil it.

If you have ever thought of visiting Amritsar, this Kulcha should be one of your reasons for the visit.

Is Vegan Amritsari Kulcha Possible?

It is possible to make a vegan version of Amritsari Kulcha by avoiding dairy fat and using cooking oil with a neutral flavor. It will not be the real thing, but it will be vegan.

Chef Ranveer’s Amritsari Kulcha

In this Youtube video, Chef Ranveer Brar presents a recipe to make Amritsari Kulcha in a cooker over a gas stove. The chef also shares a few extra tips, such as which spices to use and how to grind them. Follow the tips and have a divine meal of Amritsari Kulcha.

Video credit: ‘Chef Ranveer Brar’ Youtube channel.


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